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NKR-4. 27.09.2021 Closed Report







NKR-Artsakh-Ombudsman took partdocx


NKR-Artsakh Ombuds


NKR-Azerbaijani Atrocities against the People of Artsakh in April 2016 Have Not Been Condemned Properly by the International Community

Arm-Persons with disabilities face systemic problems

Arm-The Armenian Human Rights Defender

Arm-The consequences of the war unleashed by the Azerbaijani Armed forces during the conditions of COVID-19

Arm-The Human Rights Defender of Armenia presented new evidence on Azerbaijani President

Arm-The Human Rights Defender of Armenia published a manual for evaluation of military personnel rights

Arm-The Human Rights Defender welcomes Human Rights Watch statement on the recording of torture of prisoners of war by the Armenian side in Azerbaijan

Arm-What is this

Arm-Position of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia on the events taking place in the country

Arm-Statement of the Armenian Ombudsman

Arm-Statement of the Armenian Ombudsman_ 03.03.2021

Arm-Statement of the Armenian Ombudsman_ 17.02.2021

Arm-The border demarcation process can not disrupt the normal life of the border residents

Arm-The Human Rights Defender of Armenia has published evidence depicting the firing by Azerbaijani armed forces from weapons of various calibers in the vicinity of villages of Syunik

Arm-The Human Rights Defender’s position on recent events in Armenia

Arm-Important facts on gross violations of rights of civilian in Artsakh during 2020

Arm-The presence of Azerbaijani military servicemen in Syunik region

Arm-The representatives of the Human Rights Defender visited the 5 captives released from Azerbaijani captivity and returned to Armenia

Arm-An important fact regarding the right to self

Arm-The Azerbaijani authorities continue to violate the internationally recognized rights of the border residents of Armenia

Arm-The presence of Azerbaijani flags and signs on the roads connecting the communities of the Syunik region lacks any legal basis

Arm-The real human rights issues in the country have been overshadowed due to the power dispute

Arm-The right to drinking water of the residents of Meghri community of Syunik marz of the Republic of Armenia is violated by the deliberate actions of the Azerbaijani armed forces

Arm-Fact sheet and findings

Arm-The Azerbaijani military is opening fire in immediate vicinity of the villages of Armenian Syunik province while being drunk

NKR-6. Final Report on Armenian cultural heritage – 26.01.2021_0

NKR-29.01.2021 Report on Civilian Casualties_0





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NKR-Report On Targeting Journalists 18.12.2020



NKR-report-Արտահերթ զեկույց

Arm-It is clear from the archival documents that if the border issues are solved with today

NKR-statement-Office of the Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh Updated Interim Report On The Killing Of Civilians By The Azerbaijani Armed Forces


Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office Published a Report on the Threat to Armenian Cultural Heritage – Հաղորդագրություն-2

What are the options for social assistance for our compatriots displaced by the war


NKR-3rd ad hoc report on Inhuman Treatment of Members of Artsakh Defense Army and Captured Armenians by Azerbaijani Armed Forces


NKR-The Human Rights Ombudsman Published an Ad

NKR-Azerbaijan continues war crimes against peaceful population


NKR-The Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman Met With Belgian MP Georges Dalman

NKR-The Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh prepared the second report on the inhuman treatment of Armenian prisoners of war by Azerbaijan

NKR-The Targeting of the Personnel of the State Emergency Service with Humanitarian Mission Is A War Crime

NKR-Three women were wounded from the Azerbaijani cluster missile strike on Nngi village




NKR-The Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh prepared the second report on the inhuman treatment of Armenian prisoners of war by Azerbaijan

Arm-Dissemination from Azerbaijani social media sources videos about the war crimes and atrocities

NKR – 2nd-ad-hoc-report-on-Inhuman-Treatment-of-Artsakh-soldiers-25.10.2020



NKR-08.10.2020 From Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman

NKR-From Human Rights Ombudsman of Artsakh

NKR-Press-release-on-the-Artsakh-Ombudsman-second-report-10.10.2020 –

NKR-Situation in Artsakh Nagorno-Karabakh

Artsakh Human Rights Ombudsman call upon the international community

The Office of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Artsakh Launched A Fact

NKR-Artsakh Ombudsman published the first

NKR-Azerbaijan continuously uses banned weapons against the civilian population Armenian Human Rights Defender’s second study

NKR-Azerbaijan shelled Stepanakert

NKR-Human Rights Ombudsman Published the Interim Report on the Atrocities Committed by Azerbaijan against the Population of Artsakh

NKR-Three Civilians Killed in Martakert Following an Azerbaijani Air Strike

Artak Beglaryan Met with the Head of ICRC Mission in Nagorno

Artak Beglaryan Visited Civilians Wounded as A Result of Azerbaijani Aggression

Artsakh Human Rights Defender Reports the Names of Four killed Civilians


Artsakh-Statement on International Refugee Day

Ombudsman of Azerbaijan_Statement of protest-NKR

Armenian NKR Ombudsmen visit Talish residents affected by Azerbaijani aggression (photos).msg


’s wife

Human Rights Defenders of Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh (Republic of Artsakh) conducted fact-finding activities in Mataghis region

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Statement-EOI-Karabach-NEU (2)